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Snade Mill

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  • Parish
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  • NGR
    NX 84573 87080
  • Latitude, longitude
    55.164527N, 3.813447W
  • Archaeological notes
    NX88NW 22.00 84573 87080 Snade Mill (disused) [NAT] OS (GIS) MasterMap, August 2009. NX88NW 22.01 NX 84422 87149 to NX 84429 87130 to NX 84512 87141 to NX 84547 87158 Caul (Weir) NX88NW 22.02 NX 84548 87155 to NX 84577 87081 Lade NX88NW 22.03 NX 84577 87081 Sluice For footbridge to E (at NX 84613 87211), see NX88NW 24. An 18th century corn mill in working order with a water wheel. SDD List [undated]. (Location cited as NX 846 871). Snade Mill, late 18th to early 19th century. A two-storey rubble building on an L plan, with a six-spoke, low-breast wood and iron paddle-wheel, 3ft 9ins (1.14m) wide by 16ft (4.88m) diameter. One pair of stones is still in position, and there is an unusual geared sluice-operating system. J R Hume 1976. The mill lade, mill building, wheel and internal workings are all int act and in working order. Visited by OS 26 August 1977.
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  • 65102 (1977)
    View from NE.
  • 65102 (29/8/1974)
    View from N showing waterwheel and geared sluice-operating mechanism.
  • 65102 (29/8/1974)
    View from E showing geared sluice-operating mechanism.
  • 65102 (29/8/1974)
    General view from SSW.
  • 65102 (29/8/1974)
    General view from NW.


  • 450622 ()
    Snade Mill View from N showing waterwheel and geared sluice-operating mechanism
  • 450620 ()
    Snade Mill View from E showing geared sluice-operating mechanism
  • 450616 ()
    Snade Mill General view from SSW
  • 450614 ()
    Snade Mill General view from NW


  • 65102 ()
    John R Hume Industrial/CBA cards Filed under Dumfriesshire, Glencairn parish. Contact prints attached (Hume photo index number H74/235/5, 6). (see NMRS MS/749 entry for Collection description)

1st edition 6-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Dumfriesshire, Sheet XL1855

1st edition 25-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile Dumfries, Sheet 040.051855