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  • Canmore ID
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  • NGR
    NX 2839 4858
  • Latitude, longitude
    54.80264N, 4.671407W
  • Archaeological notes
    NX24NE 3 2839 4858. (NX 2839 4858) Homestead (NR) (remains of) OS 1:10000 map (1982) The OS map (of 1896) indicates a small circular fort with, apparently, an interior diameter of 70 or 80ft, situated some 550ft E of a deep receding hollow in the Corwall Heugh. There is no trace of this where marked; the site was under crop when visited. RCAHMS 1912, visited 1911 Presumably referring to the above, M'Kerlie describes a "camp" on Chippermore farm close to the sea beach quite different from the circular "forts" there (NX24NE 9-12) and in other parts of the parish. "It is circular, 45yds in diameter, with two inner raised circular mounds, and a cairn in the centre of one". P H M'Kerlie 1877 NX 2839 4858. The scant remains of an enclosure lie on the level shelf of a fertile south-west-facing hillslope at 53m amsl. It has been ploughed down and is now traceable only as a 0.3m high and 5.0m wide earthen bank which encloses an area approximately 24.0m E-W by 20.0m. A 4.5m wide gap on the west side appears to be an entrance; the interior is level and featureless. The east side of the earthwork has been effaced by rig-and-furrow cultivation which extends over a large part of the field. The enclosure occupies a non-defensive position and despite M'Kerlie's observations it seems of similar size and nature to the neighbouring homesteads (NX24NE 10, 11, 12). Surveyed at 1:2500. Visited by OS (TRG) 17 May 1977
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  • 1203517 (21/6/2010)
    Oblique aerial view of the remains of the settlement enclosure at Chippermore, taken from the NNE.