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Lewis, Dalmore

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  • NGR
    NB 2141 4506
  • Latitude, longitude
    58.305434N, 6.757694W
  • Archaeological notes
    NB24NW 4 centred on 2141 4506. (NB 2141 4503) Bone Borer found AD 1905 (NAT) OS 6" map, (1965); Private 6"map (NMAS) There is a scatter of stones and shells, possibly the remains of a midden, at the site. Visited by OS (R L) 19 June 1969. In the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland (NMAS, Accession no.HR 1112) is a highly polished bone awl which was purchased in 1955 from J Macarthur, Cnoc Glas, Carloway, Lewis, through Angus Macleod, 5 Council Houses, Carloway. It is uncertain if this is the same awl or borer said to have been found in 1905 from the same site. Information from T Cowie (NMAS) 28 February 1983. NB 214 451. Since 1979, small scale excavation has been carried out by the writers at Dalmore Bay during construction of sea defences there. To date, numerous decorated fragments of pottery, including Beaker-ware, flint & quartz barbed-&-tanged arrowheads, bone pins, quern stones, quantities of shell, animal bones, etc - one painted, have been found. The latest discovery in November 1982 is stones possibly indicating the remains of a house (Information from the Stornoway Gazette 14 Feburary 1983). G Ponting and M Ponting 1979; 1980; 1981 Excavation has continued to the sea ward of the sea wall, with numerous finds of a similar nature and a small area of prehistoric soil surface. Parts of 5 stone structures were excavated and numerous associated finds, eg over 4,000 sherds with over 25% of them decorated; a few Neolithic, one Iron Age and the rest Beaker; vast quantities of quartz with six arrowheads, four arrowhead roughouts and over thirty scrapers; flint with one arrowhead roughout, and eighteen scrapers; 'mylomite' with one spearhead, four arrowheads, four arrowhead roughouts and twenty scrapers; one broken axehead; 135 plus potboilers; twenty three plus rubbing stones; thirty six bone artefacts and a painted shaped bone object. B Ponting et al 1983; N Sharples 1983. As a result of recent erosion by the Allt Garbh, at the site of this settlement, the following finds have been recovered: part of a broken saddle quern, 36cm by 25cm by 12cm, the worn hollow being 4cm deep, in a 1.5m length of coursed walling in the burn bed; 2 hammerstones, pot boilers, quartz core, and a pink quartz core associated with the wall; also 6 quartz flakes, pottery 12cm long with horizontal wavy grooved pattern, antler, animal bone, shell and stone. Sponsor: Outer Hebrides Archaeology. M R Curtis, G R Curtis and B Ponting 1994.
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  • 4206 (1983)
    Newscutting - 24 February 1983
  • 4206 (1983)
    Newscutting - 24 February 1983
  • 4206 (24/9/2004)
    Oblique aerial view centred on Dalmore Bay and the site of the settlement with the remains of lazy beds adjacent, taken from the SW.

1st edition 6-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Ross-shire (Island of Lewis), Sheet 121850-2