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Glenshee, Devil's Elbow

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  • Canmore ID
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  • Parish
  • Council
  • NGR
    NO 14319 76622
  • Latitude, longitude
    56.873054N, 3.40729W
  • Archaeological notes
    NO17NW 23.01 c. 1422 7668 to c. 1438 7660 For pillbox 550m N see also NO17NW 24 A pillbox and two lines of anti-tank blocks have been identified from a vertical aerial photograph (RAF 1066/Scot/UK/64, 4024, flown 1946). The pillbox, which lay immediately to the SW of the upper bend in the A93 public road known as the Devils Elbow has been removed by the road improvements. Two lines of anti-tank blocks (NO17NW 23.01) in a chevron pattern can also be seen immediately to the N of the central bend, running down to the Allt a Choire Sheiridh. The pillbox has been separated from the anti-tank blocks by the road improvement at this point, the two lines of anti-tank blocks survive, though those at the W (new road) end of the group have been reduced to small mounds of concrete. Construction of the anti-tank blocks has the appearance of layered blocks, they are also somewhat taller than those seen elswhere. A 1950s photograph of the Devils Elbow and the anti-tank blocks can be viewed in the Glen Shee ski lodge to the N. Information from RCAHMS (DE) October 1996 A double row of concrete anti-tank blocks, flat surface to flat surface. J Guy 2000; NMRS MS 810/9
  • Architectural notes

Related material information


  • 947556 (8/5/1946)
    Scanned image of a vertical aerial view showing the Devil's Elbow and the WW II defences in Glen Shee.


  • 1196547 (5/5/2010)
    View from NE of old road (the original Devil's Elbow)at the point where the anti-tank blocks meet.
  • 1196546 (5/5/2010)
    View from SE showing upper section of the remains and stumps of west section of anti-tank blocks looking to the modern road.
  • 1196545 (5/5/2010)
    Detail of anti-tank blocks in lower section.
  • 1196544 (5/5/2010)
    View from NNW of lower section of anti-tank blocks.
  • 1196543 (5/5/2010)
    Detail of anti-tank blocks (lower section).
  • 1196542 (5/5/2010)
    View from WSW showing section of anti-tank blocks descending to the Allt a' Choire Sheiridh.
  • 1196541 (5/5/2010)
    General view from NW, showing bend in old road with anti-tank blocks just visible.
  • 1196540 (5/5/2010)
    General view from SW, showing anti-tank blocks at bend in the old road.
  • 1196539 (5/5/2010)
    General view from WSW, at the modern road showing anti-tank blocks.
  • 1196538 (5/5/2010)
    General view from WNW the modern road showing anti-tank blocks.
  • 1196537 (5/5/2010)
    View from WNW showing upper anti-tank blocks.
  • 1196536 (5/5/2010)
    View from W showing anti-tank blocks descending to Allt a' Choire Sheiridh.
  • 1196535 (5/5/2010)
    View from N showing line of anti-tank blocks at bend in old road.
  • 1196534 (5/5/2010)
    General view from S looking to line of anti-tank blocks.

1st edition 6-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Aberdeenshire, Sheet CXI1866
 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Perthshire, Sheet XV (Inset Sheet VIII)1862
 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Forfarshire, Sheet IX (with extension to include IIIA)1862-1866