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St Clair Farm

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Record Detail

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  • Canmore ID
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  • County
  • Parish
  • Council
  • NGR
    HY 45744 05313
  • Latitude, longitude
    58.931621N, 2.944222W
  • Archaeological notes
    HY40NE 43 centred 45744 05313 Nothing survives of a small group of huts in a field on the E side of the A961 road between a house annotated Lynburn and Fernbank. The huts are visible on WW II RAF vertical air photographs (WL/10, 1.34-1.35, flown 7 July 1942) as a group of eight, two of them Nissen type. A further group of three are visible about 100m SE of the site, an area now occupied by a house annotated 'Glenview'. Visited by RCAHMS (DE), May 1996 The house 'Lynburn' is identified by local sources as being use by the 'Toc H' organisation. Information to RCAHMS from Mr A Flett, Orkney pers comm, 9 October 2008
  • Architectural notes

Related material information


  • 1096842 (4/7/1942)
    Scanned image of RAF WW II vertical air photograph showing the large accommodation camp with searchlight position to the S. Also visible is a second small camp at Fernbank, the large power generator house for Netherbutton Radar Station at Burn of Button, the 'Five Hillocks' barrow with to the NE a small light anti aircraft position.

1st edition 6-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Orkney, Sheet CVIII1880

1st edition 25-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile Orkney, Sheet 108.151880