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Broomend Of Crichie

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    NJ 7789 1924
  • Latitude, longitude
    57.263285N, 2.368187W
  • Archaeological notes
    NJ71NE 11 7789 1924. (NJ 7789 1924) Urn and Cist containing human remains found AD 1866 (NAT) (NJ 7783 1922: NJ 7785 1919) Stones (NAT) OS 6" map, (1938) In 1866 several cists were found during the construction of a road to the Inverurie Paper Mills when a large bank of sand was cut through. One was empty; another, found 27 August 1866, was 5ft 3in (1.6m) by 2ft 6ins (0.76m) by 2ft 6ins to 3ft (0.76 to 0.9m) deep, contained two adult male Beaker burials covered with oxhide; a third, found 27 October 1866, contained an adult male and an infant female Beaker burial, covered with a hide, and a unique horn spoon; a further very small cist, contained only a small beaker and a child's skull. Portions of oxhide and other remains, together with bones and the spoon are in the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland (NMAS) under accession nos. EQ 35-7; another portion of oxhide is in the Museum at Marishcal College, Aberdeen, and two of the urns and the fragments of a third are in the Inverurie Museum (Accession nos. EQ 2 and 3 and EQ 4). J H Chalmers 1870; C B Davidson 1870; J Ritchie 1920; NMAS 1892. Two Ca Beakers, two Cb beakers, and the fragments of a fifth beaker, have been found in cists at Crichie. M E C Mitchell 1934. A C-type beaker (Acc. No. EQ 23) and a BC-type beaker (Acc. No. EQ 24) from Broomend were acquired by the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland (NMAS) from J H Chalmers (1870) in 1867. J Abercromby 1912; NMAS 1892. There is no ground evidence for the cist at NJ 7789 1923. The 2.0m x 1.0m capstones and smaller stones of three cists, which are shown on the OS 25" map at NJ 7783 1922 and NJ 7787 1917 as 'stones', are now used as seats around an ornamental pond. Mr J E Tait does not know where the cists were found, but it is probable that they are the ones from the road to the north. Visited by OS (RD) 18 March 1964; Information from J E Tait, Broomend, Inverurie. Beaker collections and attributions: Cist 1: NMAS EQ 23 - N2(L); NMAS EQ24 - N3 (Developed Northern British group) Cist 2: (both) Inverurie - N2 (Developed Northern British group) Cist 3: Inverurie - indeterminate. D L Clarke 1970. Noted as cist cemetery. NMRS, MS/712/67. There is little to add to the existing record of this discovery. The finds are held by Inverurie Museum. This collection has been re-catalogued, but the catalogue is incomplete and there is no easy system of identifying the new accession numbers of the two urns and fragments of Beaker formerly listed under the accession numbers EQ 2-4. Information from RCAHMS (JRS), 26 June 2003.
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  • 18566 ()
    Urns found in cists at Broomend with horn spoon in central urn


  • 18566 (1999)
    Photocopies of Aberdeenshire Archaeological Service site record sheets for map sheet NJ71NE, received 5 March 1999.

1st edition 6-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Aberdeenshire, Sheet LIV1866-67

1st edition 25-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile Aberdeen, Sheet 054.121867
 Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile Aberdeen, Sheet 054.121867
 Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile Aberdeen, Sheet 054.121867