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Fort Augustus - Bernera Military Road

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    NH 2700 1237
  • Latitude, longitude
    57.169453N, 4.862894W
  • Archaeological notes
    NH21SE 13.00 2999 1129 to 2500 1147. MR 12 (formerly Lin 518). NH21SE 13.01 NH 29262 11589 Allt Dubh Burn Bridge NH21SE 13.02 NH 28570 12034 Allt Thomais Bridge NH21SE 13.03 NH 28474 12064 Creagan Mhartainn Bridge NH21SE 13.04 NH 28165 12149 Allt a' Chaise Bridge NH21SE 13.05 NH 26795 12335 Allt na Criche Burn Bridge NH21SE 13.06 NH 26403 12181 Allt a' Ghoirtein Bridge NH21SE 13.07 Cancelled: see NH21SW 6.07. Old Military Road [NAT] (centred NH 2878 1197) OS (GIS) AIB, May 2007. The military road continues W as a track, descending through Ceannacroc Forest to link with the line now taken by the A887 at Achlain. At this location the military road is visible going straight on and thus cutting the corner, whereas the modern road bends to the N. Traces can also be seen in the field at NH 275 116 as far as Spot Height 395. W Taylor 1976. NH 2999 1129 to NH 2894 1182 modern dirt track on line of military road. NH 2926 1158 military bridge (NH21SE 13.01) originally 4.5m wide and span of 1.8m: now collapsed, survives 1.8m wide. NH 2894 1182 to NH 2800 1226 heather-covered track through afforestation. NH 2857 1203 military bridge (NH21SE 13.02) 4.5m wide, 2.5m span. NH 2848 1206 military bridge (NH21SE 13.03) 4.1m wide, 1.8m span. NH 2816 1215 military bridge (NH21SE 13.04) 4.2m wide, 4.8m span. NH 2800 1226 to NH 2783 1231 military road destroyed. NH 2783 1231 to NH 2768 1245 superseded tarmac road on line of military road. NH 2759 1249 to NH 2689 1240 modern road diverges from line of military road. Taylor 164 and aerial photographs (RAF 541/A/400, frame nos. 3122-3. 21 May 1948). Military road survives intermittently as a turf-covered track 4.5m in average width. NH 2679 1234 military bridge (NH21SE 13.05), 4.4m span and width. NH 2678 1235 to NH 2513 1149 modern road generally on line of military road. In some stretches the earlier tarmac road, presumably on the line of the military road, is immediately adjacent and parallel to the later road. NH 2640 1219 remains of a possible military bridge (NH21SE 13.06); dry stone springings, 1.1m apart and 3.8m wide, immediately to the S of the present bridge. NH 2513 1149 to NH 2500 1147 superseded tarmac road on line of military road. NH 2500 1147 military bridge, (NH21SE 13.07), 4.4m wide, 6.9m apart. Visited by OS April 1964 and April 1979. The military road heads W as a track across the open moor to Achlain, continuing to display military characteristics and features such as bridges and fords. As it heads W from Achlain the A887 generally follows its line, although there is a section where the routes diverge. Between NH 2760 1248 and NH 2680 1236 faint traces of a track are visible in a field as the route passes through this field towards the River Moriston. As regards bridges, the bridge (NH21SE 13.01) at NH 2926 1158, over the Allt Dubh Burn, is in a fairly complete state, although some crumbling of the stonework of the abutments has occurred. The bridge (NH21SE 13.02) at NH 2857 1203, over the Allt Thomais Burn, and that (NH21SE 13.03) at NH 2848 1206, have complete arch rings, although upper stonework is starting to disintegrate. On the other hand, the bridge (NH21SE 13.04) at NH 2816 1215, spanning the Allt a? Chaise Burn, is in reasonably good condition. The bridge (NH21SE 13.05) at NH 2679 1234, over the Allt na Criche, with a span of 4.4m, is only believed to be the remnants of a possible military bridge, which is also the case as regards the visible remains of the bridge (NH21SE 13.06) at NH 2640 1219. M Logie (Highland Council) 1997; NMRS MS 1007/6. All three sources (Taylor 1976, OS April 1979 and Logie 1997) agree that the military road diverges from the route now taken by the A887 for a short stretch just W of Achlain. It seems likely that the agreement runs to the exact details and that Taylor (1976) has mis-quoted the grid reference. Information from RCAHMS (MW) 30 March 1999. Taylor 1976. Visited by OS April 1979. M Logie 1997. (Location indicated on attached map as NH 2812 1216 to NH c. 2860 1202). Length scheduled as 'Fort Augustus-Bernera military road, 570m SE of Achlain... a stretch of military road, including two bridges [NH21SE 1303 and NH21SE 13.04]'. Information from Historic Scotland, scheduling document dated 9 March 2007.
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1st edition 6-inch maps

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 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Inverness-shire (Mainland), Sheet LXVII1871