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Plan Of Upper Auchnarrow, Nether Auchnarrow And Refreish, Banffshire

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    The National Records of Scotland
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    No title. By [Thomas Milne].
    [1:2880] 1 in = 3 Scottish chains 20 links. 430 x 828 mm. Ink and colour wash. Linen backing.
    Plan of infield-outfield lands of Upper and Nether Auchnarrow, Refreish and Knockandhu coloured to show boundaries of townships. Field boundaries with field-names, acreages and land use - arable, pasture, moor, dry sheep pasture and commonty. Steadings with occupants' names, improveable ground, 'woods cut down and not appearto be growing again', watermill and cottars' houses noted. Relief by grey wash. Coloured ink additions, dated 1822, showing new marches. Surveyor's books of reference - CR8/185 and 189.
  • Archival history
    Records of Crown Estate Commissioners (CR)
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1st edition 6-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile, Banffshire, Sheet XXXVI1869

1st edition 25-inch maps

TitleDateOther parishes/counties
 Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile Banff, Sheet 036.051869