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List of names as writtenVarious modes of spellingAuthorities for spellingSituationDescription remarksNote
Wakenwee Wakenwee Wakenwee Waukenwar Waukenwar Wackenwar
Estate Map Forests Co.[County] Map Thomas Dykes Esquire Factor Valuation Roll J. Jackson Esquire Hallhill New Statistical Account
A Farm Steading the property of the heirs of a Mr Naismith. The origin of this name, on the authority of Mr Jackson of Hallhill, is from some Covenanter's making the neighborhood a place of refuge after the "Battle of Bothwell Bridge", & walking in woe or war for their losses etc. The farm house is altogether of modern date.
Wakenwee Well Wakenwee Well Wakenwee Well
Forests Co. [Company] Map Thomas Dykes Esquire, Factor John Hamilton, Wakenwee William Chapelton
A well known name applying to a chalybeate spring, which is the head of "Cadzow Burn", in Hamilton Parish.

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Top Margin: Co.[County] Lanark Glasford Parish

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